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Care and safety is our top priority, CAPRI provides a wide variety of services customized for Recreation and Park Districts so that they may meet the needs of their communities.

Key Strengths:

  • History – With thirty plus years of experience we are able to provide a stable and equitable combination of self-insurance, excess insurance and reinsurance.
  • Accountability – Providing fiscally sound programs is the backbone of CAPRI.
  • We have returned over $20 million in dividends and discounts to our members since CAPRI was created in 1986.
  • Specialization – Our experienced staff will find a program focused specifically on your needs and goals with CAPRI.
  • Partnership – Our Member Districts are strategic partners in our operations, key to our growth and development.
  • Communication – We take pride in keeping our Members updated with comprehensive communication from CAPRI. Numerous workshops and training sessions are held frequently to keep Members current and up-to-date on specialized topics. In addition, a newsletter, safety materials, and a video library are all available to keep CAPRI members informed.

Advantages of Partnering with CAPRI:

  • Overcoming Obstacles – CAPRI provides coverage to districts that have been difficult or impossible to insure in the commercial marketplace.
  • Affordable Services – Coverage is provided at a reasonable member contribution, which directly reflects the administrative and claims expenses of the program.
  • Experienced Management – The CAPRI Board of Directors has supervision and control over the Joint Powers Agency and the services being received by Member Districts.
  • Reducing Accidents – Established loss control, loss prevention, risk transfer, and safety programs are offered by CAPRI in an effort to reduce the number and cost of accidents.
  • Risk Financing Solutions – Policies of excess insurance have been purchased reducing the exposure of CAPRI to large losses.
  • Governance – The Board of Directors that govern CAPRI are a seven member group
  • made up of elected and appointed representatives from the Member Districts as well as CARPD.

Request a Quote

If you are a member of the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts (CARPD) or are interested in using CAPRI’s services and would like more information please contact us at:

1075 Creekside Ridge Drive, Suite 240
Roseville, CA 95678

l Free (866) 722-5550