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Workers' Compensation Program

This program affords coverage up to $300 million per occurrence, including volunteer operations as long as each member has issued a resolution covering volunteers. CAPRI self-funds up to $350,000 and losses in excess of this amount are covered by PRISM up to $300 Million per occurrence.

CAPRI provides its members with proactive claim oversight by working closely with our third party claims administrator and the members.

The Workers’ Compensation Program is experience-rated, meaning member contributions are adjusted based on loss experience. This method ensures equitable distribution of risk and stable rates. Experience-rating also provides each member with an opportunity to effectively reduce their individual contribution by actively practicing loss prevention. If you have any questions about CAPRI's Workers' Compensation Program, please contact CAPRI at 916-722-5550.

Reporting Claims -- Three Options for Reporting a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The image is a "Quick Reference" guide detailing three options for reporting a Workers' Compensation Claim for Sedgwick.

Who's Who in Workers' Compensation

Sally Town, Senior Claims Examiner  |  (916) 960-0969  |

Chris Richard,  Claims Team Lead  |  (279) 900-3068  |

John Valenze, Claims Manager |  (916) 677-2286  |

Amy Whitman, Client Service Manager |  (510) 318-4084  |


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P.O. Box 14433 |  Lexington, KY 40512-4497

P:  (916) 783-0100  |  F:  (866) 548-2637


WC Claims Management Flowchart_Oct2021.pdf


Log into the Member Portal to find CAPRI's recent Workers' Compensation Memorandums of Coverage.