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Workers' Compensation Payroll

Workers' Compensation Payroll is collected in two cycles each year. 

Estimated Payroll

Each spring CAPRI sends out a request to all Members Districts in the Workers' Compensation Program to provide their estimated payroll for the next fiscal year.  Those estimations inform what exposures our excess carriers are covering and allows them to price the coverage more accurately and competitively. This Estimated Payroll submissions are required annuually, as our insurance is renewed on an annual basis.

Final/Actual Payroll

At the end of each fiscal year, CAPRI Member Districts report their final actual payroll numbers for the prior year. CAPRI then reconciles those final payroll figures with the Members’ prior payroll estimates and computes the final Workers’ Compensation premiums for the membership.  Thereafter, each Member District will either receive a refund, if their actual payroll fell short of their estimate, or an invoice if their actual payroll exceeded their estimate. 


When the WC Payroll requests go live, they are accessable through the CAPRI Member Portal.  

Stay tuned for Payroll specific communications from CAPRI!