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Property Program

The CAPRI risk-sharing Property Program protects member properties throughout the State of California.  CAPRI provides coverage for the first $150,000 of coverage, subjected to a $2,000 member deductible, and then CAPRI provides a group purchased commercial insurance policy through the Public Entity Property Insurance Program (PEPIP) that is specifically designed for public entities. The Program provides members an All-Risk, replacement cost coverage, including automatic coverage for new acquisitions, and auto physical damage, boiler and machinery, course of construction. Additionally, earthquake and flood damage are also provided with a coverage sublimit. For more information, contact CAPRI today.

2019-2020 GL & Property Memorandum of Coverage.pdf2018-2019 GL & Property Memorandum of Coverage.pdf2017-2018 GL & Property Memorandum of Coverage.pdf2016-2017 GL & Property Memorandum of Coverage.pdf2015-2016 GL & Property Memorandum of Coverage.,pdf