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Property Program

The CAPRI risk-sharing Property Program protects member properties throughout the State of California.  CAPRI provides coverage for the first $150,000 of coverage, subjected to a $2,000 member deductible, and then CAPRI provides a group purchased commercial insurance policy through the Public Entity Property Insurance Program (PEPIP) that is specifically designed for public entities.

The Program provides members an All-Risk, replacement cost coverage, including automatic coverage for new acquisitions, and auto physical damage, boiler and machinery, course of construction. Additionally, earthquake and flood damage are also provided with a coverage sublimit. For more information, contact CAPRI today.

The Property Loss Claims Process:

If a property, auto physical damage, or boiler and machinery loss exceeds your $2,000 District deductible, please complete a Property Loss Notice form and email to CAPRI at as soon as possible. Please include any Police or Fire Department reports and any photos or estimates evidencing the loss.

CAPRI Property Loss Notice v2023 - fillable


Thereafter, CAPRI will review and handle the claim consistent with the below.

Property Loss Claims Process


Log into the Member Portal to find CAPRI's recent General Liability & Property Memorandums of Coverage.