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Our Mission

The mission of CAPRI is to provide insurance coverages, risk management, safety and loss prevention services through a financially sound risk-sharing pool to districts that are members of the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts.

     The Goals of the Joint Powers Authority:

     I.   Insurance Coverages

To provide a stable market to insure risks that are common to the operations of member districts through the most cost-effective, financially sound and equitable combination of self-insurance, excess insurance or reinsurance available.

     II.  Financial Management

To maintain appropriate financial resources within CAPRI in order to adequately finance its self-insured retention; expand in the area of self-insurance; and minimize its dependency on the commercial insurance market.

     III. Claims Management

To assure that claims are handled in a prompt and timely manner consistent with sound practices.

     IV. Risk Management

To create a better understanding of and a higher level of involvement in applying risk management techniques to the operations and management of a recreation and park district.

     V.  Safety and Loss Prevention

To expand and improve the program of district inspections and loss control services, to support member districts in minimizing their risks and encouraging good safety practices.

     VI.  Communication

To provide timely and effective communications to member districts, CARPD and others.